Priority/Progressively Collapsing Pattern

You would do this when you want to avoid a lot of work with tweaking font sizes at certain breakpoints to make everything demanded by users fit without wrapping.

I guess that's why Google Sites uses this pattern as a default for their navigation.

This duplicates the behavior of the Sites approach in that we collapse the entire menu down on portrait mobile – turn your phone sideways to see the effect if visiting on mobile.

Session Idle Timeout





Session Idle Timeout

This plugin allows you to detect whether a user is idle on website or working. It will notify the user if he/she is idle for the time specified in the plugin's settings. The user will be given a choice whether he/she wants to continue working or not. If not than screen will be locked after the specified time. User will have to enter the password to continue working after that. Here, for the demo purpose, notifying time is set to 5s and timeout time is set to 30s. In real time application it should be much higher number.

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